Sunday, August 2, 2015

So if you have not heard...........................

Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar is now open for those of you who have not yet heard.  We opened on June 16 serving about 60 people of that first day.  The first customer was a complete stranger and so was the last customer of that day.  They just mozied into the space like hundreds of other guest have done over the past few weeks.  It was amazing the people who have walked through the doors over the last 40 days.  Musicians, politicians, educators, coffee lovers, curious-minded individuals looking to see what was behind the paper.  We are 40 days old and what an amazing 40 days it has been.

This is a bittersweet moment, taking down that paper that I was so excited about placing on the windows.  In January I could not wait to start the mystery about what was coming.  I wanted people to scratch their heads and wonder what was going on behind that paper.  Months later I wanted to the sun to shine again throw all the beautiful windows and on June 15 I was able to make that happen.  What followed on that day was a glowing thumbs up by the health department.

We had a mini-media blitz.  Here are the articles that have highlighted Third Perk!  News Articles:  

If you have not made your way down to beautiful downtown Dayton to see us at Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar, the door is open and we are waiting to serve you.  Come on in!

We are open Monday through Friday at 7am.  We open on Saturdays at 8:00am.  We close at 8:00pm Monday through Wednesday and at 10pm Thursday through Saturday.  Come see us soon.

Monday, June 8, 2015

So so close, you can taste what's cooking!

So yesterday I spent my day working on perfecting the recipes for Third Perk so that I can prepare my kitchen staff to make you happy!  For me presentation is EVERYTHING.  It will make or break a plate.  I have enjoyed some ugly food before, but it was something that I prepared myself and I gave myself a pass (I know what was in it, I knew it was safe).  LOL.  But really my guest at Third Perk deserve pretty food that makes a smile appear on your face.  Looks good.......  Taste good.  Both elements are equally as important, but if the look ain't right, it might not make it to your mouth.

I invited a few folks over to have a taste.  Both were persons I would call a "FOODIE".  I also sent my husband to work with two take a boxes: one for him and one for a fellow co-worker.  The feedback was very encouraging!  I know that you are going to also be delighted with what is to come.
Take a look at two of the items that we will serve you soon:

So this is a toasted flat bread with our Third Perk oil mix 
(olive oil, Parmesan cheese and fresh black pepper) 
Simple and very tasty!

Citrus Salad
Mandarin oranges, Craisins, candied walnuts, goat cheese on a bed of mixed greens, served with our in house made citrus dressing (fresh squeezed oranges, lemons, limes with olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper).
A party in your mouth.  Perfect for the summer!

We look forward to dazzling you with our tasty treats soon.  Keep your eyes on our blog to find out our opening day.  It will be here before you know it.  Juanita-Michelle

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1st is here but we ain't open :-(

Meet REX!  This is our new espresso machine that you will soon meet in person when you visit Third Perk!  We will make your delicious espresso based drinks: lattes, cappuccinos and mochas.  Are you excited?  I am.  I would like to first say thank you for following us this far.  It has been quite a journey thus far.  We have dreamed, planned, executed our plans for opening a coffeehouse here in Dayton, Ohio, but we have yet to open our doors.  Yes June is here and we have not taken the paper off the windows.  It is June and we have invited you to come visit.

We are trying our best to serve you soon.  If it were up to me I would be serving you right now.  There are so many reasons why we have yet to open: design decisions, construction, waiting for materials, waiting on inspections.  WAITING!  UGH!

So close yet so very far away.  I need to be in the space, doors open, coffee flowing and cash register ringing.

I keep hearing James Cleveland sing "I dont feel know ways tired".  I've come to far from where I started from.........  Nobody told me the road would be easy............  I don't believe He brought me this far, to leave me.   So while I wait,  I do what I can do to make sure we are ready for you.  We started training anyway!  Dust in all we were learning how to brew the best drinks and making you smile.  The team I have assembled are amazing!
We have a commercial!

You must view it!  I am proud of the production and we have so much more for you.  I continue to know that God is holding down.  That He is guiding me through.  That He is lighting the path.  I am going to be JUST fine.  Its not perfect but it is what I have been dealt, and really I would not have it any other way.

This journey has been a long time coming but I am learning that it is really just beginning.  I look forward to sharing more with you.  I cannot wait to serve you soon at Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Re-Birth! Transforming the space.........

Well Guys here we go.  The construction process begins!  What has been torn down is being built back up!  Amazing to watch this process.  Right here is where our menu board will be!  Just imagine all the great drinks that will be posted here, and the soup of the day.  Can't you just smelling it cooking.  Never mind those lights they are going away.  They don't seem to fit in the new color scheme!
So down went the bathrooms on the other side of the cafe.  And up goes the walls of the new his and hers bathrooms.  Picture your self in this soon to be lounge area.
So this space here is right next to the kitchen.  This space will be where small groups can meet.  We are planning to have a large meeting table.  Book Clubs, Writing Circles, Prayer Groups or just people wanting to gather are welcome to come here, work chill and study.  And yes we will reserve this area for you.

Progress folks!

Just this morning I learned that the Health Department has approved the plans I submitted.  I cannot believe that they were approved so fast.  I just submitted the package on Tuesday!  I do believe it has everything to do with involving them in the project from the very beginning.  The inspector was familiar with all aspects of the design.  Having her guidance, I believe helped me submit a comprehensive package with everything needed in order to move forward smoothly.  I am so excited folks.

And for you wines lovers, yes that is going well also.  I was told by the State of Ohio to call them 2 weeks before we plan to open to have them schedule their final walk through.  Could we open a whole month early?  I will keep you all posted on our progress over the next few weeks.

This journey folks is almost complete, thank you all for following the path!

Friday, March 13, 2015

And the walls come tumbling down!

So no turning back now guys (not like turning back at this point is even an option).  Demolition has begun at Third Perk!  It is very exciting and scary at the same time.  Of all the work that has gone into bringing this concept to reality there is just a long list that needs to be completed before we can serve that first cup of coffee.  We are less than 90 days away for our opening, but in terms of what needs to take place I feel like the work is never ending.  But guess what?  I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!

Yesterday I had a few meetings set up in the space.  When I walked through the door this is what I was confronted with:

Are those walls coming down.  YES IT IS!!!!  Isn't it awesome!  The real work has begun and before you know it we will have you here sipping on your new favorite brews!  Third Perk Coffeehouse is well on the way guys.  I hope that you enjoy the visuals.

Yeah demolition is messy.  But you will not ever know that this happened in a few months!  Now I have talked about how the owners of the building are creating new bathrooms for the space.  Well when they began to take down the existing bathroom there was treasures in the loft above the existing bathroom.  I don't know how it held so much:
 Those tables were stored above the bath room.  Now don't be surprised if you see them resurface at Third Perk.  Recycle-Reuse-Reduce.  Go Green!

Now once upon a time there was a stage here:

Not anymore!  You are looking at the future new bathrooms.  Take a close look guys this space is going to be so cool.  I really cannot believe that this is all falling into place.  The count down is on.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Morning Edition

Friday morning came with a great surprise.  My Realtor/Friend Kelly emailed me a link for the Dayton Business Journal's morning edition which included an article about Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar.  WOW!  I was so enthused.  It gave details of what I am proposing to do and the journey behind the plan.

I have journeyed so far yet my journey's road has many miles ahead.  I remain prayerful!  I stay the course that has been set for this business.  I will continue to count every blessing sent, every well wish; and every positive news article written.  This project is coming together and I am so very thankful for ALL!

Please take time out to read the article written by Olivia Barrow of the Dayton Business Journal:
Please remember to become a follower of our blog!  And leave comments we want to know what you think.  Juanita-Michelle

Thursday, January 8, 2015


3rd Perk @ 46 West Fifth!

I know it has been a while since I have made a post.  It is not that there wasn't anything to talk about, but I have been swamped trying to make the Third Perk vision become a reality.  On January 2 we took another step at making that happen.  We have signed a lease and have officially started the countdown to our opening the doors to you!  Can't you smell the coffee brewing?  Warm pastries?  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

So many of you have followed us over the past months and have asked are you open?  Where are you located?  Well I have found a great place at 46 West Fifth Street in beautiful downtown Dayton.  The cafe is in a historic building.  The owners of the building are awesome and have amazing talent.  Only God could have placed me in such a location.

Before we open there is still so much work to do.  We need to expand our team so we will begin to accept applications at the beginning of February.  You can request an application by emailing us at we need baristas, cooks and management staff.  We are looking for persons with a heart to serve others who are also honest and dependable.  We all know that good help is hard to find and we need the best to serve you!

Although the space at 46 West Fifth Street is very nice, we are converting the space and making it our own.  The interior will be sophisticated and will draw you in, making Third Perk your new gathering place.  There are some changes that will also happen to the exterior including creating an outdoor space for you to enjoy the warm summer months with a new awning to shade you from the sun.

I cannot wait to see you there.  Please make sure that you continue to follow our blog,From Beans to Cup and make sure that you visit our Facebook page and LIKE Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar.

So tell me what do you expect when you visit us at Third Perk?  Tell me all about it....