Sunday, August 2, 2015

So if you have not heard...........................

Third Perk Coffeehouse and Wine Bar is now open for those of you who have not yet heard.  We opened on June 16 serving about 60 people of that first day.  The first customer was a complete stranger and so was the last customer of that day.  They just mozied into the space like hundreds of other guest have done over the past few weeks.  It was amazing the people who have walked through the doors over the last 40 days.  Musicians, politicians, educators, coffee lovers, curious-minded individuals looking to see what was behind the paper.  We are 40 days old and what an amazing 40 days it has been.

This is a bittersweet moment, taking down that paper that I was so excited about placing on the windows.  In January I could not wait to start the mystery about what was coming.  I wanted people to scratch their heads and wonder what was going on behind that paper.  Months later I wanted to the sun to shine again throw all the beautiful windows and on June 15 I was able to make that happen.  What followed on that day was a glowing thumbs up by the health department.

We had a mini-media blitz.  Here are the articles that have highlighted Third Perk!  News Articles:  

If you have not made your way down to beautiful downtown Dayton to see us at Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar, the door is open and we are waiting to serve you.  Come on in!

We are open Monday through Friday at 7am.  We open on Saturdays at 8:00am.  We close at 8:00pm Monday through Wednesday and at 10pm Thursday through Saturday.  Come see us soon.