Sunday, June 12, 2016

This time last year.........

This time last year I was getting geared up to have my new hire orientation.  I was busy printing materials out, formatting the evening, making sure that everything for the day was on point.  I was excited, nervous and full of anticipation of creating the team that would make Third Perk the best coffeehouse in Dayton.  As Becca, Courtney, Alyssa, Will, AJ, LaChelle and LaSada worked to jell as a team and craft their skills as barista, I sweated over when the construction would be done.  That seems so long ago.

Today Third Perk is only left with one survivor of the original crew.  Will is a awesome barista and he offers great customer service.  I am thankful that he is still hanging in their.  For many reasons our original crew moved on, and they are missed terribly, but we have a new staff that is fit and ready to serve.

Jamieka is the new Assistant Manager.  She has come in with a mission of taking most of the load of my plate.  Yes I prayed for her and I hope she can hold it up, my plate is heavy.  Jamieka over the course of a few weeks have really gotten to know customers and the way that we do business.  She has really taken ownership of the café.  She is determined to be the best and to make Third Perk a top notched café.  I really appreciate her and her great energy.

Ellen is a seasoned barista/resident artist.  There is Shay who is our shy kitchen assistant who doubles as an inspiring barista.  Rounding out our new additions is Chef Anthony, recent graduate of Sinclair Community College.  He has organized the kitchen, created a wonderful tapas menu and is growing as leader at Third Perk.

Who knows what the next 12 month will lead to with the Third Perk team........

June 16, 2015................ 12 Months Later

This Thursday I will celebrate, along with my wonderful employees, family, friends and customers one year of business at 46 West Fifth Street in beautiful downtown Dayton.  I would say that it has been like a flash before my eyes but that would be less than the truth.

This year has been filled with great success, followed by amazing praise and wonderful times at Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar.  But this adventure has also included its challenges, set backs, disappointments and tears.  Through it all, I don't think I would trade it for anything else.  The lessons learned over the past 12 months have allowed me to become a better business woman, to expect the unexpected and to believe in the unbelievable.  I have learned that dreams come true and they even inspire others to dream.

Just this week as we prepare for our anniversary we opened our second location, Third Perk Express! @ the Northwest Branch Library.  We are the first to have a cafe in the Dayton Montgomery Library system.  This is an amazing accomplishment for us and we hope to serve the residents of Northwest Dayton well with amazing coffee products.

Yesterday was the kick off to our week long anniversary celebration.  It was a wonderful out pour of the community coming by purchasing their favorite beverages and enjoying music by my very talented husband Robert Sanae.

The afternoon also included the support of participating vendors: LeKeisha Nicole, Charlynda and Francine Cummings.  They shared the event with Third Perk offering a great selection of foods, art and publications.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  It was a constant stream of love and support of the business.

I look forward to opening the doors to Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar this coming Thursday.  Our first 10 customers will receive a $10 Third Perk gift card.  Twelve months ago  I opened the doors to the public and there was no one waiting to come.  :-) Not one person.  How wonderful would it be for there to be a line waiting outside the door at 7:00am.  It's possible.  A girl can dream can't she!