Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Taste of What's to Come........

Training, training and more training.  Time to put the training to the test!  June 28 we invited a selected group of future customers to our home to taste coffee, tea and items that will be included on our breakfast and lunch menu.  I wanted to have a better picture of what a real day in the life would actually look like.  Without a doubt I have a better understanding of what it means to operate a cafe.

 My children were such a great help for this event.  Christopher made the frozen drink pictured above.  He dazzled the guest with his barista skills.  He operated as if he had years of experience.  Kayland was a great manager, she wore many hats.  She welcomed guest, took orders, served graciously, took payments using our POS system.  Kendell was a customer service guru, he was there with his warm smile making the guest feel at home!  He took orders, helped out in the kitchen, bused tables and made sure that at the end of the day the kitchen was clean and in order.  I know that I cannot do this project without my children.  I look forward to their active participation in this project.
 Above and below are pictures of our sweet treats.  Everyone enjoyed the variety.  This was a great introduction to many who have never attended any of my events or tried any of my foods.  This really was a great teaser to those of what is yet to come in our coffeehouse/wine bar.

 Soups and sandwiches were a great hit.  I understand just how important preparation is to my entire operation.  Success is not by accident.  I know that we have to be very strategic in order to serve guest on time with the best product possible.  Fresh made soups, sandwiches and salads.  We will keep it simple and win!

 The chicken tortilla soup was a true home run.  YUMMY!!!!!!!!  This soup is going to be hands down one of our best sellers.  It is full of flavor with a subtle spicy kick.  This soup comes with avocado and lime garnish with a side of chips.  It is more like a full meal.
Look at my beautiful Flower!  She is a real natural.  She took control of the kitchen.  She developed a system and scolded me a little for almost messing it up.  
 Tiffany is my number one taste tester.  She never lies.  She is always honest with me about what I serve.  I appreciate her.  Tiffany also help serve today.  She did not know that she was in competition with Kayland to see who collected the most at the end of the event!  Kayland won!  Little does Kayland know that next time competitive Tiff will show up.
 The steam rising off the tomato bisque soup.  I love to cook!  I was in a serious mode here.  I did not have any room for errors.
 Look at the team with their JM Affair's t-shirts.  JM Affair's is an event planning service that I started in 2007.  Over the years JM Affairs has planned vineyard tours, jazz shows and catered many events.  JM Affairs is the sponsor of the Third Perk events.  I like to welcome Courtney to our team.  Also in this picture is my bestie Naomi.  She is the such a great asset.  Thanks Omi for being there for me.
 Robert Sanae A.K.A my husband also got into the spirit of the day.

 Time to pucker up!!!  Jaiden KeAna "Keke" stopped by to wish me, her "G" well.
 Our guest really enjoyed the afternoon.
 The conversations went on and on.  The atmosphere was set for enjoyment.
 Life long friend Shereece is a constant supporter of all my endeavors.  She and her mom, Vicki A.K.A Stand-In-Mom enjoyed the afternoon and are looking forward to the opening of the actual cafe!

 Family and friends are undoubtedly on my side in this venture.  I don't know what I would do without their support.  I could say thank you everyday and still it would not be enough.  So I say it again, Thank you all!
 Yep we are still together!  The Golden Girls, together forever!
Last but not least.  One of my MVP's has moved away and leaves a void in my team.  I wish you well Christopher but you will be missed!  Never to late to change your mind ;-)