Friday, January 1, 2016

Third Perk is branching out!

It has been a while since I have made a post.  It is not because I had little to say.  It is simply because since June 16 I have been running ever since.  I cannot believe that this journey has placed me on a thread mill that has not stop button.  I am not sure if I had the stamina in the beginning to keep up.  I am not sure if I have it now.  I would be a liar if I said that the work has been easy.  IT HAS NOT!
BUT, I would not trade one moment for the world.

I have met so many great people.  I mean I thought I knew people, but Dayton has shown me different.  Third Perk has proven to be such a melting pot.  I can never predict who will walk through the doors, who will sit down and have a conversation, what plans are being built as a result from being here at Third Perk.

I have heard a few say, "this space is special", "I feel protected here", "I get such a good feeling being in here".  I am blessed just knowing that Third Perk has met the objectives that I set out for it to make.  It is sophisticated; it is safe; it has great products with excellent customer service.  So although I have worked very hard (harder than I would have ever imagined) it was worth every swore limb and all the sleep lost.  I would do it again.

Before we opened our doors I submitted a proposal to become a vendor at the new library opening.  It promised to be a mega complex and something that our are had never seen.  This is a picture of the library under construction:

I will have a coffee shop!  I felt that it should be me.  I applied, I interviewed, I won the opportunity!

Oh wait.  I have exhausted all me resources to make the first cafe happen.  BUT.  This location could sustain the downtown cafe.  The library would be a great advertisement for our full service location.

The picture above is a cart similar to what we will use at the library.  That cart is pretty pricey.  It is going to cost between 25,000-40,000 including the equipment.  But how cool is it going to be?

After knowing that commercial funding was not an option for me.  I have looked again towards alternative means to make this project happen.  I launched an Indiegogo Campaign on December 16.  (It needs help, I think it has grown stale).  I have a gala planned for January 16, The Dreamer's Gala.  It will be an interactive evening filled with fun, an auction, great food and a room full of beautifully dressed people.  The Dreamer's Gala will live on after this year.  I am going to use the Dreamer's Gala as an avenue to grow capital for entrepreneurs in the City of Dayton looking to build businesses in the City of Dayton.  I will be the change that I long to see.  I will provide funding for new businesses, but not without help.

I hope that you feel compelled to help me in my new project.  You can donate by clicking the following link:

If you are so inclined to get gussied up and support us through attending the Dreamer's Gala you can purchase a ticket at Eventbrite by clicking on the following link:

Here is a sample of some of the amazing art work that will be auctioned off that evening:

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